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Trademarks are similar to copy writes except that copy writes are proof of ownership of the arrangement of words and or musical notes, pictures and videos whereas trademarks prove ownership of designed shapes, names and logos.As long as RIC owns the trademark shapes, any copy of these shapes is an infringement.Since I discourage buying and selling of these instruments, I will not publish the names of these makers that continue to make copies.The manufacturers and brands that are named above have already been dealt with by RIC, as far as I know.There are some that still make copies that look somewhat close to a 4001 or 4003.There is one manufacturer that makes a bass guitar that closely resembles the Rickenbacker 600 series guitars. There are a few copies similar to the 4004 Cheyenne. I've published this page on this site because I do not like copies of Rickenbacker instruments and I don't like to see anyone get fooled into buying a fake that has a Rickenbacker truss rod cover on it or a missing truss rod cover. One with a missing truss rod cover might be real/ The bass model that has generally been copied is the 4001.

There are copies available of Fender and Gibson instruments.

These will normally have the name of the actual maker on the headstock.

The may be some stores that sell genuine new Rickenbackers as well as new copies.

You are usually pretty safe with most sellers on ebay who regularly sell Rickenbacker instruments and have an excellent feedback rating.

Fortunately RIC usually gets the auctions of fake Rickenbacker instruments on ebay shut down before they are over, but occasionally one slips through.

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The 2490 converter unit incorporates a link choke that provides near-unity overall power factor and low harmonic line currents at all motor speeds.

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Generalizations obscure the fact that there are so many people with different interests.