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It fires only if there is no break before ; so it seems the click event is programmed to raise after a fixed delay after Validating event?

- I modified the validationdemo of jmcilhinney (see attached file) by adding 2 listboxes, one register all events and I was suprised to notice that after clicking the Cancel button, we have Cancel click event and no textbox validating event, as specified, But, if then we click on another control like Listbox1, the textbox validating event occurs!

The keys to the new validation features are the Validate event and the Causes Validation property.

They work together as follows: When the input focus leaves a control, Visual Basic checks the Causes Validation property of the control that is about to receive the focus.

That will allow you to prevent focus leaving if required by setting e. It also means that you can set your Button's Causes Validation property to False and clicking it will not cause any Validating event to be raised on the previously focused control, which is exactly what you want. Now I changed my checking method to textbox Validaing event, it works well I tried to find this event and I still don't understand when it will fire and what is the meaning of this event. Whether you do other things on the Validated or the Leave event depends on whether you actually want to perform the action each time the control is validated or each time it loses focus. If I set my button's Cause Validating = False, it should not raise my text Box Validating event. ) If the above is true, I think my text Box validating event should not raise when I click Button. You must be doing something wrong but it's not possible to say what from your description. I assure you, if your Button's Causes Validation property is set to False then clicking it will not raise a Validating event on the Text Box. After filling a box the user either: - uses Tab key to reach next textbox, - click on Register button to save entries - click on Exit button without saving modifications, and a supplementary situation is after clicking the Register button, in the Validating event I check if the special textbox value is changed, thus two possibilities: - if text is changed, I start a simulation task that displays the consequences of the modifications, then the user should click a second time Register button to save entries - if text is not changed, I just save entries.

Although I solved my case, I still want to know why and how it solved. Now my problem is Although I set my Button Cause Validating to False, whenever I click on button, it will raise the Textbox's Validating event if focus is on Text Box before I click button. I assure you, if your Button's Causes Validation property is set to False then clicking it will not raise a Validating event on the Text Box. After reading explanations of jmcilhinney, I thought Validation event fires only when textbox content is changed, but this is not true!

If this property is True, Visual Basic fires the Validate event in the control that's about to lose the focus, thus giving the programmer a chance to validate its contents and, if necessary, cancel the focus shift. Imagine that you have five controls on a form: a required field (a Text Box control, txt Required, that can't contain an empty string), a numeric field, txt Numeric, that expects a value in the range 1 through 1000, and three push buttons: OK, Cancel, and Help.

(See the figure below.) You don't want to perform validation if the user presses the Cancel or Help buttons, so you set their Causes Validation properties to False.

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If your form has a Command Button whose Default property is set to True, pressing the Enter key while the input focus is on another control results in a click on the Command Button control but doesn't fire a Validate event, even if the Causes Validation property of the Command Button control is set to True. a numeric field contains a non-numeric value, then e. (exactly the same, except my form didn't set Cancel button.) I wonder how you know that my form is dialogue form May be because I have 2 other events for this textbox like Enter event (which will highlight all text in this textbox.) and Key Press Event (use to check whether Enter key is press so I can move my cursor to next control.) I think these two will not effect Validating.What I want to achieve is I don't want this text Box validating to raise when I click on any button. Then I started to think where should I put these checking. Although I moved my checking from Leave event to Validating event of a textbox, it still go and check when I click Button. Next difficulty was to detect if the user left the textbox by using Tab key or the Regsiter button (in this second case, I had to set another flag to exit the Register click event to cancel saving data), or the Exit button.Hope you don't mind my second request And can you share me a link where I can find the flow of each event? May be what I want to say is not clear or not complete. (Previously, I check this duplicate check at 'Save' button click event, but my customers complain that they want to know whether it is duplicate or not after they input the ID. If I keyin some data in text Box and didn't go anywhere just directly click on Close button, it still go to Validating event which cause the message box to pop up if same ID is found in Database. So I added a flag in Textchanged event and in the Validating event I test this flag. Cancel is set to True so that the control will not lose focus and no further events are raised. Anyway, I will clear all my coding and re code again for this form I will update it later after I finish re-code it. (This is my first time that I know I can use such features.

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